Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

No country for old men

It must been midnight when the czech couple finally arrived. They started their trip at 5:30 in Ostrava and made the 754km to Rostock by hitch-hiking in one day. Not bad. In the near of the Steintor they asked a man with his dog, where Karl-Marx-Straße could be. The man got his car and drove them. So there really must be some nice Rostocker, I guess. Till something about 1:30 we talked and drank some good 5,0 beer before we got some sleep. The guy, whose name I didn't understand told me that he originally comes from Toshkent (germ. Taschkent) the capital of Uzbekistan. He lived there for 17 years and don't want to go back. He also told me that every 18 years old boy has to go to the army. If you don't want to, you have to pay money. so there is nothing like "Zivildienst". He owns a dual citizenship (Russia and Uzbekistan)so he said he is on the run from 2 armys ;). The girl showed me her profil and I saw that she likes to listen to Tokio Hotel. But she wanted me to make sure this was long ago ;) We got up early in the morning so they can take the farry to Gedser and reach Malmö maybe already tonight, where she wants to buy an IPod, which is actually the reason for their journey. By the way... He studies informatics and she does some social studies, I guess.


  1. Mmmh, ich lass' mal den Rotstift stecken - bin ja schliesslich kein Englischlehrer. ;-)

  2. Alter, was wollt ihr alle von mir. Ich konnte besser englisch als die Tschechen! Und bis jetzt hat jeder im Ausland verstanden was ich wollte! :P So schlimm kann das doch gar nicht sein. Ich will euch mal hören! ^^

  3. Naja, ich bin auch kein Englischlehrer mehr - war aber mal einer. ;-) Die Kommunikation ist sicher erfolgreich - und das ist ja die Hauptsache. Über alles andere kann man hinwegsehen. Doch "Luft nach oben" ist da schon noch ...